3 thoughts on ““Smart phones” The Adult BINKY

  1. These are things we know but rather not do. These are things we should never shy away from. Talk about our relationships, these days relationships break because of our negligence, we have taken solace in our phones than in people, we don’t really know the worth of people anymore, but how expensive our smartphones are.
    Talk about parenting, children have the tendency of feeling left alone if proper care isn’t given to them. Parents who engage in their phones more than the time they engage with their kids have failed in their parental positions.
    Talk about the feeling of being left alone; this is even worst. The fear of using your smartphone and coming online to see others making progress but you haven’t, has left a lot of people in depression and even suicide attempts.
    We should learn to place priorities on humans, goals and responsibilities and not on perishable materials.
    This alone is a great article and am glad I stumbled on it. Thanks.

  2. This article is clearly an eye opener. I can bet a lot of people need to learn this tactics in order to become better people. Our smartphones arent supposed to be idolised A lot of people have to see this, thanks for such a timely post. Well written article and message is passed clearly. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. We have really given our freedom to our smartphones, we forget that before smartphones existed humans were our greatest companions. I can imagine smartphones ruling the world in a few years time, and a world that is clueless of its surroundings, it’s really a sad one.

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