19 thoughts on “Embrace EQUITY not just EQUALITY!

  1. Very well articulated.
    I would add that failure of a number of some countries of the world too work towards embracing Gender Equality, Racial Equality, Ethnic Equality and Social Equality continues to hinder their development.
    They must therefore Embrace Equity to allow these Equalities exist in their communities.

  2. Your perspective to this year’s theme is unique. I am most intrigued by how you related it to the reformation of social structure.

    Thank you for this piece.

  3. Brilliant piece👏🏿. The way you conveyed the idea behind equity makes it very easy for even a layman to understand. You deserve your flowers 💐! Happy International Women’s Day to you too❤️.

  4. Nicely written article.
    Personally, I believe when there’s equity, there wil be room for equality.
    This is where I find that radical feminism is flawed, but that’s a story for another day. Thank you for reminding me to embrace equity. ❣️

  5. Aptly written. Equity is the truest and purest form of being humane. It can be achieved with a uniform mindset and approach from everyone.

    1. Yes! We will only actualize the goal of equality when we all come together to understand our diversity and gender placement in society; that way, we’d expose our weaknesses and know our strengths as individuals #EmbraceEquity. Happy International Women’s Day.

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