4 thoughts on “CONFIDENCE

  1. I’ve spent hours going through your work, this is a nice piece of wisdom. You’re a healing aura I must say. It’s good knowing such ladies who’d go out of their own way to make sure others are enlightened about a certain topic still do exist. . your work is a wow to me. 👏👏

  2. Well, I think one must love himself before he derives such confidence needed to achieve his or her desired goals.. Knowing fully well you can be better than whosoever you’re looking up to comes from the love you’ve got for yourself and this will take you to places… Nice work.
    Thanks for this piece.

  3. “The strongest and easiest approach to getting your confidence game on is TO LOVE YOURSELF!” I really like that phrase.
    It is also true that our perception of self worth will ultimately be reflected in the way we are treated by people.

    Thanks Bella for this article.

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