13 thoughts on “SPREADING THE RISK.

  1. Life is all about risk, if u don’t take a risk u won’t reach your destination.
    Even though it may be rough and risky, it will get better at the end.
    Spread your risk and be optimistic of the outcome.

  2. Interesting topic. Events in life are always changing. U have to take risks and diversify efforts for greater rewards… Greatness is never achieved without risk.

  3. We often say, the greatest risk is not taking a risk at all. It will be risky not taking a risk at all. So the best risk is to take risks.

  4. There is a saying on the street that says “Take the risk and join the billionaires” well that’s right in an actual sense ,most times you have to take risk in order to attain a certain level..Nice one Bella👍

  5. This is quite an interesting topic but it is well neglected especially by the youths, because not all of us are financially aware as much as we are when it comes to trivial issues on entertainment/gossips.

    Even, it is advised in Ecc 11:2- invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

    But I think the one thing which deters most of us that has the knowledge of this principle from applying it is being “scammed” considering the kind of environment we have found ourselves in today.
    Ponzi has created a big scar in some of us that makes us to relent in taking financial risks, but nevertheless, the fear of bullets doesn’t stop a war. So, we keep moving. It is the risk that gives the experience.

  6. U are right baby girl…don’t put all ur eggs in one basket is like planning for d future….don’t eat with all ur fingers 😍😍😍😍more wisdom nd understanding dear

    1. Yes sir/ma. Life is a risk, almost everything existing on planet earth is a product of the risks somebody else took.

  7. The risk can be spread in all spheres of life.
    In terms of relationship. People often fear heartbreaks because it can lead to loneliness and decision to stay single, zeroing your mind while taking risk will keep your heart open for anything to come whether positive or negative, thats why it’s called “Risk” you will never end up disappointed if you’re aware of whatever risk you’re spreading.
    The risk you spread will not only give you better chances of dusting yourself and moving on, it will give you the ability to make better decisions and feel better afterwards because you took the risks.

  8. This principle can also be applied in project management. A person could spread their risk by getting more people to partner with them to pull resources together in order to achieve a specific goal – this is also used in crowd funding, and it frees one from the financial burden and the risk of bearing all the loss in the event of any disaster.

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