2 thoughts on “Do You Stereotype?

  1. Stereotyping in Nigeria has become a way of life, where tribes hating on another due to thier history. A typical example: the Benins of Nigeria are hated because everyone thinks or believe being an edo man or woman makes u a witch/wizard, or a bad person, even our comedians make fun of them that is if you do follow up the comedy industry. One comedian once said a Benin man don’t need a plane to fly abroad, he can generate wings on his own and fly; in our today society, i think we should put an end to stereotypes, where by we see our selves as one where you can be allowed to marry from any tribe without discrimination. Even our parents are the architect of stereotypes, they decide the tribes their sons and daughters marry from. Putting an end to stereotype has to start with our parents, because charity begins at home.

  2. Stereotyping in Nigeria has got to stop because more and more people keep doing it.
    Most of us stereotype other people based on what we’ve heard and not based on our first-hand experience.
    Even if we have, there’s no reason to generalize everyone to be or think the same.

    It is better to suspend all judgment so people can be who they are and not what other people tag them as.

    My own experience is being called a promiscous man because I come from Kalabari.
    As soon as you tell someone your tribe, they’ll stereotype you and not care if you’re innocent. This has got to stop.

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