11 thoughts on “Whats NEXT after NYSC?

    1. Service year is not a waste of time. It solely depends on how you get work done before you agree to serve your father’s land. Little wonder why people are advised to learn different skills so as to be ready for whatever life will throw at them after finishing from the one year mandatory service.
      Acquire more skills, equip yourself for the future, white collar jobs may not be the answer after all, be fully informed and ready to take opportunities by its horn.

  1. Nice article Bella. The truth is that in spite of the challenge of getting a job after N.Y.S.C, today’s graduate is actually more equipped with information to thrive better in the economic space. As long as there will be humans on the planet, there will always be needs to satisfy. Everyone is looking for a more efficient, faster and effective ways of doing stuff globally, and those who will thrive and dominate the jungle of the economic and commercial space after N.Y.S.C will be the ones who understand the needs and concerns of people in the sector or industry they intend to go into; and are also able to come up with creative and better ways to satisfy those needs…

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