4 thoughts on “Failure In Success. Episode 1.

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  2. Success is your desire for a particular thing to manifest through your effort(s), and when it does, failure becomes the converse or reciprocal of it.

    Perhaps, that’s just the general perception. However, when viewed from a diverse angle there is no such thing as failure. Why did I say so?. Because one always end up succeeding in something or other. For instance, if i failed on a given task, I have succeeded in Knowing what works for me and what doesn’t. Hence, I did not fail.

    Failure is conspicuously just another way of success which most people don’t consider. That doesn’t mean failing is not failing, but what I mean to say is failure shouldn’t be seen as such. It ”MUST” at all time seen as a success in some other thing. After all whatever that is happening, happens for a reason.

  3. The failure in success is everything. Ever wondered why some people fail to succeed? It’s because they don’t take time to appreciate their little failures. We often time forget success isn’t always at the forefront, failure is! Failure isn’t justified but failure is the force that gives us the zeal to keep pushing. This is where we fail to understand. Experience failure at your best and move on.
    I can’t wait to see the next episode.

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