3 thoughts on “Trails on the crystal sand of time..

  1. Babe! How do you come up with lovely poems like this? Does it come naturally?
    And I get hooked all the time🙈. See I want more and more of this eh.
    I can’t wait for the short stories you promised to start posting. 🤭 can not wait😁
    Keep it up babe, this blog will go places

  2. This is actually a well written poem. I’ve been following this blog and its contents for a while, I find them mind blowing and unadulterated. I keep coming to see more. Looks like the person or people behind Faithbella.com get their inspirations from above to be honest. Keep it up.
    Love from Brent, Australia.

    1. Thanks Brent for this lovely comment.
      Faithbella.com is pleased to know that there are people who visit here on a regular to read posts and poems. We’re glad to have a feedback from you and we promise never to stop doing what we know how to do best, which is putting into writting every of our biggest thoughts and ideas so others can read, learn and share their own opinions.
      Best regards, #Team-Faithbella.com

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